About us

Fuelled by the desire to live life to its fullest and to experience it with every fibre of your being beyond rules, beyond agreements and notions. Connected to yourself and to those around you. That is how this place came to be, a place where the stories that we live can be exchanged, where they gradually become embedded in our very being and finally come to rest in their destination.

This place is called Phoenix Opleidingen. Time and time again the Phoenix rises from its ashes, each time stronger than before. Phoenix Opleidingen is a refuge, a place for anyone and everyone who is prepared to truly face themselves and to connect with their own potential. For those who want to learn how to live life to the fullest. It is place for those who run aground in life and who want to move forward but also for those who want to invest in sustainable growth and personal or professional development.

Phoenix is rooted in traditions. We humans are no more than moments in eternity. Life has its own ancient laws, just as the seasons run their own inevitable course, just as the tide has ebb and flow, just as day follows the night. We teach you about these laws, you learn and come to understand by experiencing them. Knowledge is born from experience.

We translate centuries worth of life’s knowledge and wisdom and make it accessible to you in a contemporary manner. The encounter is the space within which we work. Only on the basis of true contact will you be able to experience that which your mind may not always be able to understand. Our trainers possess a deep understanding of the craftmanship that working with heart and soul entails. They are your companion, they take you by the hand, they encourage you to experience at deeper levels and provide you with practical and specific tools that you can use on a daily basis to help both yourself and others to move forward.

The route that you take will not always be smooth. You need to be aware of the bends and potholes on your path, you need to experience them. It is in those things you are reluctant to accept that wholeness lies. Just as the skater who glides all the more smoothly the moment he is prepared to put his full weight on the ice.

We teach you to use your own wounds, cracks and bruises as a source.  For it is precisely there where you are wounded that the gold dust of your being lies. We teach you how to use this as an instrument. Life is both profound and contains lightness, we invite you to experience both.

We offer you a context within which you can explore your identity and rediscover your position in life and in the world. A place where you are welcome with everything that you bring with you. Where you can enrich your own craftmanship in encounters with others. A refuge. We look forward to meeting you!

Phoenix Opleidingen