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Rooted deeply within who we are today, lie the origins of our beliefs, scripts, relationship patterns and behaviours. The essence of how we behave and relate to others today can be traced back to the bonding patterns, beliefs, value systems and loyalties as we encountered these from birth and early childhood. These often subconsciously and significantly influence not only our behaviour and relationship patterns as adults, but also how we see ourselves and the world around us today.

Are you looking for change, either professionally or personally? The emphasis during this two-day workshop is on experiential and interactional learning. The approach to achieving these insights is an experiential learning methodology called Systemic work. This approach is a powerful tool that helps to reveal the subconscious or hidden dynamics that influence your behavior. Awareness of these dynamics is the basis for discovering what you really need for your next move.

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This workshop lasts two days.


€ 450,00


  • Jaron Reisman

    "'Rijke momenten verzamelen in samenzijn met anderen, dat vind ik het mooiste wat er is'." Lees meer

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